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1-  ANADOL : There are thousands of villages in Anatolia where carpets and kilims are produced. In many regions the production of carpets is unique to that region. The regions with a low capacity and which are not specialized for classification are known as ANADOL and TEKLEME. A lot of carpets fall into this category. Their classification requires special knowledge and skill in identifying them. In generalthe weft, warp an knot are wool with the original tribal design. However many regions of Anatolia produce special features of carpets and give their names to them. There are 80.000 – 100.000 knots per sqm.

2- BODRUM : In the past these were produced in the Milas region and sent to Transylvania. They tend to be known as Transylvania carpets which have been adapted to our times. The weft, warp and knot are wool. There are 90.000 – 100.000 knots per sqm.

3- DÖŞEMEALTI : Produced by semi nomads in the Antalya region. They are well known for their thick pile and warm colours. There are 85.000 – 90.000 knot per sqm.

4- EZİNE : Woven in the area near the ruins of Troia by tribes of Caucasian origin. They are famous for the richness of their natural dyes. 80.000 – 90.000 knots per sqm.

5- HEREKE SILK : These 100 % silk carpets are known as the finest in the world. In terms of monetary value they are one of the most valuable. In former times they were given as gifts to aristocrats. Generally there are 1.000.000 knots per sqm.

6- HEREKE WOOL : Originally these carpets were produced especially for royalty and aristocrats. The warp and weft are cotton and the pile is wool. There are 400 – 500.000 knots per sqm.

7- ISPARTA : The cheapest amongst commercial carpets. Generally the warp and weft are cotton and the pile wool. The quality is low and life duration is short. There are 60.000 – 70.000 knots per sqm.

8- KARS : Produced at the Russian frontier, both the wool and the dye are very valuable. They have geometric designs and are 100 % wool. There are 85.000 - 90.000 knots per sqm.

9- KAYSERI FLOSS : The pile is made of mercerized cotton and the warp and weft are cotton. These carpets are produced for customers who admire shiny carpets but cannot afford to buy silk carpets. There are 100.000 knots per sqm.

10- KAYSERİ SILK : These silk carpets are produced using a Ghiordes knot. There are 500 – 700.000 knots per sqm.

11-  KAYSERİ WOOL : Generally made for middle class customers. The warp and weft are cotton the pile is wool. There are 160.000 knots per sqm.

12-  KÖKBOYA : Produced in various villages in the Bergama region. They are well known for both the dyes and the design and are made of 100 % wool. There are 100.000 – 120.000 knots per sqm.

13.14.15- KONYA SELÇUKLU : Using the most valuable dyes and wool these carpets are produced by Caucasian originated tribes. These are the most valuable tribal carpets and as an ivestment they represent the antique carpets of the future. There are 100.000 knots per sqm.

16- KULA : 100 % wool carpets but produced using a single knot, they are known for their pastel shades. There are 120.000 knots per sqm.

17- LADİK : Very durable carpets usually for use in sitting rooms. The warp and weft are cotton and the pile is plateau wool. Generally designs with medallions are used. There are 200.000 knots per sqm.

18- MALATYA : Carpets of Kurdish origin woven in the Malatya and Elbistan regions. They are known for their red colours and geometric designs. There are 90.000 knots per sqm.

19- MİLAS : The colours are obtained from natural dyes made from the the tobacco plant and the valonia oak.These are 100 % wool carpets. There are 90.000 – 120.000 knots per sqm.

20- NİĞDE KARS : Decorative carpets of the Kars type but produced in Central Anatolia. In comparison with true Kars carpets they are a lot looser, the dye used is chrome dye. 60.000 – 80.000 knots per sqm.

21- PARTY KİLİM : As mentioned in the section ANADOL carpets, kilims are woven in thousands of Anatolian villages and can be grouped as PARTY KİLİM or TEKLEME KILIM.

22.23.24- SULTANHANI : These most decorative carpets feature large geometric designs and indigo dyes are used for colouring. There are 60.000 – 70.000 knots per sqm.

25- TAŞPINAR : 100 % wool carpets with floral designs.The dyes used are very valuable. There are 70.000 – 90.000 knots per sqm.

26- TEKLEME : The old carpets which have been produced in various regions of Anatolia are grouped under this title. These are usually very valuable pieces but are slowly disapperaring.

27- TEKLEME (V) : Copies of the valuable old Tekleme carpets. They are not mass produced so do not fit into standart price tables.

28- YAĞCIBEDİR DEMİRCİ : One of the cheapest carpets, they are produced using low quality wool and dye. There are 85.000 knots per sqm.

29- YAĞCIBEDİR EŞMEDERE : The highest quality carpets produced in Balıkesir region, from the best wool and using the best dyes. These are 120.000 – 160.000 knots per sqm.

30- YAĞCIBEDİR SINDIRGI : Found more widely. They are the cheaper version of Esmedere carpets. The wool is different from that of Esmedere but the workmanship is the same. There are 120.000 – 160.000 knots per sqm.

31- YAHYALI : The quality of the wool, dye and workmanship is high. Very distinctive red colours and tulip designs can be found in these carpets. There are 80.000 – 100.000 knots per sqm.

32- NEW KILIM : Made in the Uşak region where attempts are being made to protect the old designs which are slowly disappearing. They are 100 % wool and all types of original designs are used.

33- NEW KILIM BAG : Attractive bags made from fragments of both old nd new kilims.

34- NEW KILIM FINE : Similar to new kilims but woven with a finer yarn and better wool. Again many designs are used and these kilims are suitable for those customers looking for special types of kilims.

35- NEW KILIM MIDFINE : Similar to the new kilim fine but slightly cheaper.

36- NEW KİLİM KARABAĞ : With  the same characteristics as the new kilim but using different designs and made in different sizes. Because of this the pricing is different.

37-YUNTDAĞI : Well known for their rich variety of designs, the best yarn and dying techniques are used in the production of these carpets. There are 100.000 – 120.000 knots per sqm.

38- NEW KILIM HEYBE : Again, bags made up of fragments of old and new kilims but at a cheaper price.



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