Hand-made carpets that each have been weaved patiently over a long period of time with great care contain the imagination of their creators, with the passage of time these designs gain value and beauty. Some of these carpets and kilims even display important historical happenings from their respective time. These pieces of art will get damaged over time by harmful chemical substances or will be torn, their reparations need to be made with some frequency to preserve them. Hundreds of thousands of used and antique carpets and kilims are destroyed per year because of bad preservation methods.


The World Carpet Hospital is a project that covers the restoration carpets and kilims from around the world that need repairing, they are gathered from their respective countries and sent to Turkey, which in turn sends back the repaired carpets. The project will ensure a steady income to all the parties involved, from the repairman to the agency who first takes in the damaged rugs. The project will also give out jobs to handicapped personnel, and ex-inmates that holds a very little ratio within the country’s work force, creating a new job line to the existing job pool, giving new blood to the struggling art of hand made carpets, and bringing back life to antique pieces that are close to been destroyed.




Therefore we should assess the steps of the process:


Expectations of involved parties:



  1. A customer will want to give the damaged carpet to a trustworthy establishment and will want quality service.
  2. The carpet dealers concern will be to bring in customers continueosly and will keep his earnings secondary
  3. The agency will gather repair jobs
  4. WCH is responsible for transportation and controlling
  5. The workshop’s job is to concentrate on their work and give quality service.


When the above process is not in play:


  1. The customer wants quality repair
  2. A carpet deal will choose a random repairman
  3. The customer might not be happy from the given service
  4. The repairman can end up not receiving or delivering the job on time, causing problems.
  5. The repair job has no quality control mechanism.
  6. The importance is to arrange the price and timing, when this cant be done the relation starts to fall apart.
  7. A Small scale repairman has no mobility in where to go.
  8. Moving around for small jobs is not feasible for the small scale repairman
  9. The repairman cannot move around to find repair jobs.
  10. When the repairman has concerns and worries, he and his team cannot give quality service.
  11. The repairman cannot deliver his service on time.


Therefore a carpet dealer is always on the lookout for a repairman that will satisfy him. With the problems that this organized system encounters, he has to change his repairman with someone else frequently. The need for a systematic organization in the repair business is the logic behind WCH.


The capacity calculation of the region an agency operates at:


  1. There are equal amount of carpets versus a region’s population
  2. After a 100 years a carpet needs repair
  3. We calculate the daily carpet amount that needs repair from the yearly amount.
  4. We multiply the daily amount of carpets that need repair by 50$, therefore we can work on a regions capacity by finding it’s population


If we give an example;


Milas has a population of 40.000 and lets assume Milas has an equal amount of carpets. If we assume that each carpet in milas needs repair every 100 years then we find out that 40.000/ 100 = 400 carpets need repair yearly, 400/365=1.1 carpets per day will need repair. When we compare our current operation in milas we find out that we indeed receive no less then 400 carpets for repair. Similar tests were performed in other regions with no different results.



The job description needed to accomplish the goals is as follows;


A strong PR (Public Relations) operation with below parties that have some sort of a relation with the product is essential to have lasting relations. This will ensure a steady flow of repair products.


Businesses that should be targeted for PR:


    • Carpet Dealers
    • Antique Carpet Collectors
    • Carpet Repairers
    • Antique Dealers
    • Carpet Washers
    • Laundry businesses
    • Cleaning businesses –house cleaners etc-
    • Local customers that will respond to newspaper ads


If a person that has the necessary time to visit and talk to the carpet dealers and other businesses takes up the job, income will be attained very fast. It will also be better if this said person can calculate prices via the internet program and has some general knowledge about computers. 

After we have summed up these crucial parts we can move on to supporting works.







Our purpose with this article is to explain the journey of the rugs from beginning to the end of their lives, and how they end up in collections. It will go through the logical steps a carpet takes to a collector’s hands. We hop you will enjoy reading this story of the rug. Now lets see how things develop.

A carpet’s destiny from birth to death is determined by its quality. A quality carpet will be found sooner or later by a collector to be repaired and added to their collection. Now we should examine the factors which determine a carpet’s destiny.


  1. The weaver and the region of the weaver:


This will be the carpet’s main source of curiosity during its lifetime and will be one of the main determining factors of it’s worth. Each weaver’s different characteristics and the regions they are made in will create differences in the products, making each one authentic.  A weaver’s art might be valued more then another weaver’s and create a difference in price. Weavers will constantly get comments about their art and this is a part of their lives. This only applies to traditional weavers in traditional carpet producing countries. It does not apply to commercial weaving countries because they have to be perfect anyway, they cannot produce differences as they will be punished for them.


  1. The carpet itself :


The 5 basic principals that determine a carpet’s quality are the same overall, but a weaver’s choice of composition can create a significant difference in the character of the carpet. This is the difference that will give the carpet antique worth later in its life. The authenticity created by this difference will ensure that the carpet stands out from its peers, creating memorable comments and dialogue among people, making the carpet an important asset of the culture it represents.


  1. The person who bought the carpet or uses it and the way they use it:


If the carpet is used by the weaver as her dowry then the carpet will be preserved with great care, it will not be misused. If it is used by someone who bought it then the way they use the carpet depends on their wisdom, knowledge, and social standing. The carpet’s life expectancy will change depending on these criteria’s of the buyer. The buyer will most likely still have information about the carpet they own, and the presence of this knowledge will increase the respect given to the carpet. The buyer will also use this information in their conversations, comparing and researching the price of his carpet compared to other carpets. If the carpet gets damaged they will try to repair the carpet, if they cannot do it themselves they will give the carpet to repair, generally by way of a carpet dealer they know.





  1. The trend of knowledge and wisdom followed by the next users:


Carpets that move to their next owner by way of heritance or other ways will generally meet less caring users, they will generally have less knowledge about the carpet’s history and this will reflect on the way they treat the carpet, speeding up the deterioration of the carpet. The user will still lean towards repairing their carpet as they consider it something passed on from their elders. They will also have some knowledge about carpets and will most likely spend the necessary money needed to repair the carpet. A carpet dealer contact will supply this repair. 


  1. The condition of the carpet and the users view on carpets:


If the carpet’s current owner has little knowledge about carpets and the condition of the carpet is not looking good, the repair cost will start to look grim on the owner. On one hand they will be curious about the worth of the carpet and on the other hand they will try to rationalize the worth with the repair cost, but they will most likely lean towards buying a new carpet all together. If the carpet is in good condition then they will have no problem spending money on small repairs. They will do so by contacting carpet dealers they know.


  1. The current owner’s financial position:


Second or Third generation owners that have carpets needing repair will generally have less love and knowledge for their carpets. They will try to get rid of the carpets that they do not use. This category is usually in need of money and will contact a carpet dealer close to them



  1. If there is someone who is knowledgably about carpets in the region:


The owner that wants to know their carpet’s worth will generally meet this scenario when they visit a carpet dealer; the dealer will give an opinion in an uncaring manner and this opinion will most likely not be clear on the worth of the carpet. The carpet dealer’s next step will be to tell the owner that he will return back once he has asked several other dealers about the price, discouraging the seller. The intention is to buy the carpet for cheap. If the seller does not have someone that knows about carpets around him, the carpet will most likely end up with the carpet dealer. If the seller has someone with knowledge close to him then with help he will be directed to places that offer better prices over time. The seller might also give his carpet out to repair and decide to keep the carpet in his care, or after reparation, sell it with a considerably better price.




  1. The financial position of the persons determining the carpet’s worth:


A product’s worth is always determined by the buyer and seller. This pricing policy will always exclude outside factors. The products worth cannot be determined by it’s price in america or european countries if the talks are done in Turkey or someplace else. Only the current market can have a say in the negotiations. The reason for this is because of the buying power of the people in that region. The same will apply to carpets and the buyer will put a price depending on his buying power, or try to trade the carpet with one of his own.





  1. The possibility of repair and its price:


In general, an old repaired carpet will gain back it’s value by determining half of the trade price of a damaged rug between two dealers with %20-30 repair price added. Therefore we should check the parties that are aware of this pricing system. The involved parties are


a-    Carpet Dealers

b-   Repairers

c-    Antique Dealers

d-   Collectors


From the 4 parties above, the carpet dealer is usually the least interested in repairing a carpet and selling it. They usually wish to buy a ready for sale carpet and immediatly turn it to cash. The repairer will want to be involved in heavy repair jobs involving easy repairs, otherwise they won’t have the influence to have have a steady flow of income alone. If the carpet dealer and repairer cannot negotiate terms, they will each seek an antique dealer or collector, persuing them to take in the damaged carpet  and coordinate the repair job, making everyone involved happy.



  1. The repair of the carpet :


The repair of a carpet is determined by these categories;



a-    FIRST USERS, They will try to perform the repair job themselves if possible. If it is not something within their abilities they will give out the carpet for repair, usually by way of a known carpet dealer

b-    SECOND, THIRD GENERATION OWNERS, If the carpet gets damaged they will give the carpet out for repair, usually by way of a known carpet dealer

c-    A SMART CARPET OWNER, They will always have their carpets repaired. usually by way of a known carpet dealer

d-    Therefore the buyer (carpet dealer) will give a price or trade the carpet for another 


The carpets that move towards carpet dealers in the 4 ways mentioned above will then move on to several other possibilities.



a-    The carpet dealer  has bought the carpet and has negotiated with the repairer, or

b-    The carpet dealer has sold the carpet to the repairer, or

c-    The carpet dealer has sold the carpet to an antique dealer, or

d-    The carpet dealer has sold the carpet to a collector, or

e-    A collector or an antique dealer has bought an old carpet from somewhere and has given the carpet to a repairer.


Repairers have a connection to the other parties in all the ways possible. With this knowledge we can start to get to know the market and gather products in large quantities from repairers and tell them that we can find repair jobs for them.


  1. The sale of a carpet to a collector:


In the end the person who pays money for an antique carpet is the carpet collector. This is the driving force of the system. These sorts of people and the people who work for them (antique advisors, interior designers etc.) scan auctions, shops that sell old carpets and buy carpets that are deemed worthy of the investment. Carpet dealers, antique dealers, repairers, and auctioneers are always in contact with them.



12 The list of the parties involved with the repair business


a-    FIRST OWNERS, They will usually  have a known carpet dealer repair the carpet for them

b-    SECOND AND THIRD GENERATION OWNERS, They will usually  have a known carpet dealer repair the carpet for them

c-    THE SMART CARPET OWNER. They will usually  have a known carpet dealer repair te carpet for them

d-   The carpet Dealer will either buy the carpet from the owner or swap it with another one, he will then either have the carpet repaired or sold.

e-     If the carpet gets sold it will always end up with a collector, who will also want to get the carpet repaired.



The list above makes it clear that carpet dealers have a crucial part in the voyage a carpet takes from its start, to a collector. Carpet dealers are the main controllers of the sector and they will always end up getting the most share of the money involved and most roads will lead to them.




1-    It will be profitable to get in contact with carpet dealers, repairers, antique dealers, and collectors in international sources.

2-    Carpets move to antique dealers and carpet repairers by way of carpet dealers. 

3-    Repairers are in contact with antique dealers and carpet shops, therefore we can move in to these sources ourselves and gather large quantities of jobs with a strong organization and policy.















What is WCH (World Carpet Hospital) ?


The oldest carpet that exists today is the pazzyrk carpet on display at the hermitage museum in St.Petersburg, Russia. It is estimated to be woven around the 3th to 5th century B.C. This shows that hand made carpets were always part of our lifes and will always have a part in the future as well.  Turks have woven millions of M2 carpet ever since they settled down in Anatolia. Some of these have found their way in to museums, some have been sold to other countries, and some are still in use today. There exists around 70 million carpets in Turkey today in the hands of the general public. Naturally these carpets get damaged over time with use. The repair of these carpets not only is important to retain Turkey’s traditional culture but also represents a healthy market for income. Carpet owners have a need for good carpet restorers to meet this demand sufficiently, a job that is very hard for most customers. This is the reason for the creation of WCH, with our 40 year experience in this business we have the contacts and know-how to perform and coordinate this expert field.

 There are many carpet restorers that are not truely efficient in what they do, our job is to filter out the best of the best and create a team that is reliable, trustworthy, and efficient in what they do. We value quality service over tricking customers with bad service to just get through that day alone. Our philosophy is that the repair of a brand name is harder then the repair of any carpet.


Moving on from there, ILDIZ GROUP has moved it’s 40 year experience in the carpet business to the untapped market of carpet repair. The WCH project has moved t o both domestic and foreign makets by the way of agencies.


Problems ?


Carpet restorers that perform their task with quality, for a good price, and can guarantee both of these services consistently are rare in the business. The repair jobs end up being expensive and with insufficient quality most of the time. Restorers also lack an organized team most of the time which leads to late deliveries.With no quality control in the workshops both timing and quality suffers. An effective organization is needed to increase efficiency in these 2 departments.  


Why WCH?


WCH employs a staff that has been working in their field for 30-40 years. This staff is organized under a system similar to military strickness. Apprentices are controlled by the more experienced apprentices, which in turn are controlled by masters. The masters will then need to pass the control of the workshop controller. After a carpethas gone through this control mechanism and gets outof the 55 men workshop, it will be controlled by our lead expert, Erdoğan Ildız, as 40 years of experience will ensure the last step of quality control. No other current organization can offer a similar system.


The quality control steps will be reported on a lable stapled to the back of a carpet to ensure brand authenticity. This lable will ensure that the carpet has passed all control steps and has the mark of the world carpet hospital.


The world Carpet Hospital is an organization that grows day by day as price and quality advantages help us grow daily. We explained our quality but we should also focus on explainin our price.


The workshops have a staff consisting of 55 people, this ensures the lowest cost restoration management, pricing policy, and ease of finding materials neccasary for repairs.  These factors lead to a competetive price. To give this theory a test just contact us by dialing +90 252-5355119 or send us an email at [email protected]   


Our experts will analyze the carpet/kilim in question and fill out the neccasary forms needed and give a price on the spot, or they will give it after returning to our head offices. This method is not possible with any of the other restorers.


An ordinary restorers needs to see the carpet in question and will give a guess price at best, and he will also not have the means to reach most places located even  locally. Our method will ensure an easier process and will result in more jobs, pulling prices down. This price reduction will be our competetive advantage.


Aside from our price advantage, these prices also have the advantage of being standard all around. Our agencies will se these price standards no matter what location of the world they are in thus ensuring brand unity.


The World Carpet Hospital has other advantages as well.


For example;


We prefer choosing carpet dealers when we negotiate with new agencies. When looked upon from a total quality perspective and quality service has been given, customer satisfaction will rise and extra income will be attained.


Each carpet that goes through our system will be recorded on our worldwide “network”. In this way agencies will have access to a wide varity of products that they can purchase from customers. Agencies can also arrange sales between customers, sell from their own stock, or can buy and sell between customers with profit. 


Carpets that need restoration will be transported by cargo firms that we have agreed on before, they will be picked up for repair and delivered to your address after said repairs are done. The carpets will be insured along the way.


After the carpets have been repairs to their original state they will be given a first class wash and care before being returned back to your customers. With customers receiving a greatly restored carpet, you will have high customer satisfaction which weill lead to increased sales.


The World Carpet Hospital idea is the result of a collabaration of hundreds of minds over long years. We always are on the lookout for improvements in the system and we are open to any sort of critism.


We are hoping we can work together to further improve our influece with the experience you will be adding to our organization.


Kind Regards

All the Best












TELEPHONE: 0252- 5355119, 5355412 FAX: 0252 – 5355413 E-MAIL: [email protected]